Retaining a lawyer

A power of attorney is usually signed by the client when the retainer is signed. The details of the mandate are decided upon in a conversation, which also includes a discussion of how to proceed.

The mandate is governed by the professional standards of the Swiss Bar Association and the Bar Association of the Canton of St. Gallen.

Lawyer fees
We strive to achieve a fair balance between our fees and the importance of the matter for the client. The rate we charge for our work is an hourly one as recommended by the Bar Association of the Canton of St. Gallen. An explanatory brochure written by the Bar Association of St. Gallen outlines remuneration. Secretariat costs are included in our fees.

In terms of litigation, we follow the lawyer fees outlined by the canton and the federal government, which calculate remuneration as a percentage of the disputed amount (for example, according to the fee structure of the Canton of St. Gallen).

For notarisation we charge a moderate notarisation fee in addition to hourly expenses.