Hofmann Gehler Schmidlin

Dr. iur. Paul Hofmann established the law firm in Rapperswil in 1947. His son, Dr. iur. Markus Hofmann, took over as his successor in 1978 and, together with colleagues and partners, successfully continued the pioneering work of his father at the highest personal and professional levels. Representing the third generation of the family is his son Linus Hofmann M.A. HSG who joined the law firm in 2014 and formed a partnership with fellow lawyers Dr. iur. Karl Gehler, LL.M. and lic. iur. Roman Schmidlin. Together, these lawyers have a wide range of professional expertise, which enables them to provide clients with the best advice and representation that is both prudent and, when needed, tough.

Lawyers and Notaries
Registered in the Swiss Register of Lawyers
in the Canton of St. Gallen

  • Dr. iur. Karl Gehler, LL.M.
  • lic. iur. Roman Schmidlin
  • Linus Hofmann, M.A. HSG,
    Certified Specialist SBA Construction and Real Estate Law
  • lic. iur. Simone Lorenz